• Equitana 2011 Innovation prize!

    D-Dust, winner of the Equitana 2011 Innovation award!



Scientifically proven

The D-Dust from Hurkyson has been scientifically tested by Prof. dr. ir. H. van Weghe of the University Göttingen (Germany). In his research a test was done to asses the reduction of the dust with a diameter of 10 microns (PM10) and 20 microns (PM20) with different roughages and beddingmaterials. In the article and the graphs below the reduction in dust particles in various products is shown after treatment with the “D-Dust”. The figures show that dust especially is coming from bedding materials such as straw and wood shavings and to a lesser extent from hay or haylage. The “D-Dust” takes upto 88% of all fine dust away from the various raw materials.

The powerpoint file below shows the results of the research Hurkyson has done with the University of Göttingen (Germany) and NHB Deurne