• Equitana 2011 Innovation prize!

    D-Dust, winner of the Equitana 2011 Innovation award!



The Hurkyson CL 4510 is the smallest D-Dust machine that Hurkyson produces. It is made for people with 1-5 horses. The machine cleans hay, haylage, straw and other bedding material. Although the machine is small, in terms of cleaning it does exactly the same job as it’s “bigger brothers”. The machine can only handle loose material. After the cleaning process, the hay,  straw or other bedding material is dropped “loose” into a wheelbarrow. In the wheelbarrow the final product can be easily transported to the barn for use.  In practice, the machine is used on a daily basis to clean straw and roughage to meet the demand of the horse owner.  So the principle being just in time (JIT).