• Equitana 2011 Innovation prize!

    D-Dust, winner of the Equitana 2011 Innovation award!


CL-B 8010

The Hurkyson D-Dust CL-B 8010 is designed for larger horse yards (> 25 horses). This machine is designed to handle large bales of hay or straw. There is a type that can handles large round bales and another type that can handles large square bales. In practice, this machine will clean a big bale in approximately one hour. After cleaning, the machine will press the processed material back into bales. The bale size is about 80 x 75 cm consisting of 2 times 40 x 75 flakes. This way the machine creates easy handle flakes of hay or straw. The bales are pressed directly into a specially designed flatbed trailer.

The machine is very user friendly as it will operate independently, without supervision throughout the cleaning program.   It is anticipated that the larger horse yards will use the D-Dust CL-B 8010 to clean  hay or haylage approximately 2 to 3 times per week. Straw and other bedding material is mostly cleaned one day in advance of the mucking out process. So the principle being to prepare bulk quantities.

Picture: Hurkyson D-Dust CL-B 8010