• Equitana 2011 Innovation prize!

    D-Dust, winner of the Equitana 2011 Innovation award!


CL 6010 and CL-B 6010

The Hurkyson CL-6010 (photo 1) is suitable for yards with 5-25 horses. This machine can process small and big bales. There is a type that can handle large round bales and there is a type that can handle large square bales. In practice, the machine cleans a large bale in about 1.5 hours.

The Hurkyson  CL-B 6010 (photo 2) is the same as the machine above and has the additional press function, this reforms the cleaned material back into bales with flakes of about 60×70 cm (the letter B in the CL-B 6010 stands for “Baler”). The flakes/bales will be pressed directly in a specially designed flatbed trailer or into a wheelbarrow.


Photo 1: The Hurkyson D-Dust CL 6010


Photo 2: The Hurkyson D-Dust CL-B 6010

The machine is very user friendly as it works independently, without supervision throughout the cleaning program. It is anticipated that the larger horse yards will use the D-Dust CL 6010 and CL-B 6010 to clean  hay or haylage approximately 2 to 3 times per week. Straw and other bedding material is mostly cleaned one day in advance of the mucking out process. So the principle being to prepare bulk quantities.


Photo 3: The  Hurkyson D-Dust vacuum cleaner