• Equitana 2011 Innovation prize!

    D-Dust, winner of the Equitana 2011 Innovation award!



If your horse spends a large part of the day in a stable environment, it is of great importance to reduce the amount of dust in its surroundings. Where does the dust come from? Many horse owners think that most of the fine dust comes from hay. Research has shown that only 20% of the dust in the barn environment comes from hay. Most fine dust comes from bedding material in the stable (straw, flax, wood shavings etc). If you as a horse owner wants to address the dust problem, you must find a solution that addresses both the dust in the hay, and the dust in the bedding material in your stable environment! That’s why you need to deal with dust at source!

Hurkyson introduces an innovative solution: “D-Dust”

To deal with the dust problem in horse stable, the Dutch company Hurkyson has developed a highly innovative and patented machine called “D-Dust”. This machine removes fine dust from roughage and bedding materials. The special feature of this machine is it removes dust without the use of water or steam.  The “D-Dust” can be used to clean hay, haylage, straw, wood shavings, flax etc.

How does the D-Dust” work?Let us look at straw. Straw can be processed via the D-Dust machine in small or  large round / square bales.  The straw is fed automatically into the machine, loosened and finally dry cleaned. The (fine) dust in the straw is extracted and collected in a container. After cleaning process the straw is collected loose in a wheelbarrow or it is pressed back into small bales again. In other words, the machine turns large bales of straw into small bales and removes nearly all (fine) dust and mould spores. After cleaning, the straw or other materials can be stored several days before usage. The Hurkyson “D-Dust” comes in different sizes: CL 4510, CL 6010, CL-B 6010 and CL-B 8010.

In the animation (see menu) you will find a video that demonstrates how the D-Dust works.

Some key information related to the Hurkyson  D-Dust machine:

• The capacity of the D-Dust is about 2.5 to 4.0 kg of material per minute, depending on the type

• The normal life span of the machine is 20 years

• Hurkyson offers a maintenance contract with the sale or lease of the machine

• All machines can be connected to a domestic power supply, with only one exception, this being the CL-B 8010, this requires industrial power supply.

• The price of the machine varies depnding on the size of machine purchased, the price range is from 3,200 euro’s for a small model to 17,000 euro’s for a largest model

• Additional equipment costs extra such as; the vacuum cleaner, balers, the special wheelbarrow and / or flat bed trailer.